Gummi Shoes

Gummi Shoes – Kinder Shoes with a little twist!

Kinder Feet Gummi Shoes are first walker shoes, perfect for parents looking for flexible shoes that won't restrict the natural movement of the developing foot, but also provide further protection for outside exploring. The added rubber sole is 1.8mm thick and protects the original leather soling.  

Gummi Shoes are barefoot shoes and therefore have no heel rise or inside padding. The soles have a foot shaped form with a wide toe box giving little toes enough room to wriggle. Gummi Shoes have got elasticated ankles to ensure comfortable fit. If you would like to read an independent review please use this link

We use our eco friendly and super soft leather for the upper and also inside soling. The leather is naturally produced and therefore uncoated. In case the shoes get wet the dye of the leather could be transferred onto other materials (i.e. socks). Kinder Feet does not apply any coating but coating can be applied by customers. 

We have sourced an ethical and shoe polish provider for use with the shoes. The shoe polish is made in the UK and only contains natural products (Beeswax, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Lemon Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus. The polish will nurture the leather and keep your gummi shoes soft and supple. However, for vigorous, outdoor use you may wish to provide a waterproof protector from any good local shoe shop.

Please note that every single pair is is handmade to order. The rubber sole is glued on and the glue needs to set before orders can be posted. This process adds a few additional days to the usual 2 weeks dispatch time.