About Me

I was born and grew up in Germany. From a very early age I was interested in crafts. I can remember the day I got home from school and told my mum that I would like to become an arts and craft teacher. At that time, I was only 7 years old.

I never ended up teaching arts and craft but I had one of the most amazing and rewarding jobs. I became a Nursery School Teacher and yes I did get the chance to show little children how to work with different materials.

But there is also a very adventures side to me. I wanted to experience something different and I also wanted to improve my English. One day I decided to pack my suitcase and move to Ireland. This was the start of a new career in IT and the start of a loving relationship.

We had a fantastic time in Ireland but we eventually decided to move to my husband’s home country to start a family and finally find a place to call home.

I am now a Mummy of two gorgeous boys (5 and 6 years).

Our boys had the privilege of growing up with lovely soft leather shoes (sourced from Germany), made from the most amazing and softest leather. Experiencing this degree of comfort, the problem of not being able to find the same level of quality shoes in England, gave me an idea. Kinder Feet was born.

I could finally give in to my itchy crafty fingers and I could also work from home and spend lots of time with our boys.  

What started as Kinder Feet Shoes soon turned into Kinder Feet Shoes and Clothes.

I absolutely love what I am doing and I am so glad I took the step and gave it a go!

But I am also aware that I wouldn’t be where I am without you! Thank you very much for all your support.