Leather Care

The leather manufacturer uses dyes which are free of any heavy metals. However, the leather is uncoated and dye could be passed onto other materials.

This is a statement from the leather manufacturer:

Direct contact between naturally produced leather and textiles, or other materials can cause dyes to transfer from one material to the other (abrasion and colour migration).

Please make sure that wet shoes are not worn as the dye of the leather could be transferred onto carpets, sofas, clothes or any other materials.

In case clothes, i.e. socks get stained wash them separately.

Kinder Feet will not be liable for any damage caused!

  • Make sure shoes are not taken in the mouth or chewed on. The dyes used are safe but the dye might transfer into your child’s mouth.

  • Kinder Feet Shoes are indoor shoes only.

  • In case Kinder Feet Shoes need to be cleaned please only use a soft cloth – Don’t use any harsh cleaning products.

  • In case Kinder Feet Shoes get wet, stuff with paper and allow drying. Please do not dry Kinder Feet Shoes on or close to a radiator.

  • The appearance of the leather surface may change over time, for example the leather might get darker or brighter

  • Eyelets are used for some designs and may become lose. I do the best to my ability to prevent this happening but Kinder Feet will not be liable for any harm it may cause to a human being (i.e. child swallowing eyelet).